Friday, July 16, 2010

Avocado Baby!

This seems like a bit of a downsize from last week's naval orange! Regardless, I am happy to have graduated to an avocado. I am still shocked at how quickly this little one grows! Not much has changed since last week, but we are beginning to talk about getting things more organized for our little one! Here is what is on our current to-do list:

  • get out some thank you notes for baby gifts thus far
  • finalize baby shower guest list and send hostess the names and addresses
  • update shower registry
  • talk about Godparents
The nursery gets a separate to-do list:
  • box up all the books in the guest room and put the bookcases in the attic
  • buy a daybed (assuming we can get it to fit with everything else!)
  • buy a rug
  • replace the old light
  • replace closet doors
  • organize closet to accommodate baby's things as well as Jason's suits. Ugh.
  • buy a dresser/changing table

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