Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alien Baby!

We had an appointment with the OB yesterday and it went well! We got to hear the heartbeat and got another ultrasound photo. It isn't exactly the most adorable photo: he/she is slightly reminiscent of an alien or perhaps Skeletor from He-man. But as long as the baby is healthy (which it is) we're not complaining!

A little photo orientation: there are two circles on the photo. The top circle is the head (with the dark spots where the eyes will be) and the bottom circle is the belly (and what a belly it is!!). You can also see the little hands up by his/her shoulders. As they were doing the scan we also got to see the little legs moving around. Too cute! It is still too early to designate a gender, but we should find that out in our next visit. We can't wait!

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