Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well orange you cute!

I somehow skipped a week in our baby's fruit progression, but who's counting?!

I am happy to be in my second trimester! Woo hoo! Many women wake up on the day they hit their second trimester and all of their first trimester ailments have miraculously disappeared! Unfortunately, that was not the case with me! The good news is that my symptoms have been so mild that I really can't complain that they are still around. Mostly it is just the dizziness. I still can't go into a grocery store without getting dizzy and sick! I've figured out that staring at the floor helps immensely so that has been my plan of attack. If I see a traffic jam up ahead, I have no choice but to slowly roll my cart into the mix of things and hope people get out of the way. If I spend too much time looking up, I'll get so sick and dizzy that I have to abort the entire shopping trip. Not awesome. This is a good compromise for now, but hopefully this too shall pass!

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