Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Papaya Baby!

Baby Girl is getting pretty hefty! According to Whattoexpect.com the baby is supposed to double in weight by the end of this month. Yikes! Maybe that's why the doctor told me I'm going to be chubbing up soon as well. Good thing our vacation is sooner than later! If I'm going to wear a two-piece bathing suit, I want to do it while I still feel somewhat attractive. I'm also extremely grateful that I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet and am anxious to get into the two-piece while that is still the case!

Speaking of stretch marks, I've been slathering lots of lotion on the belly and so far it has worked. From what I've read, it seems that the only thing that can really prevent stretch marks is 1. lots and lots of water and 2. good genes. Still, it feels good to rub the belly down and at the very least, it has prevented that troublesome itching that so many women get while preggers! Jason bought me a fancy belly balm that I've absolutely loved using: Mom & Baby Balm from L'Occitane. It is really thick and a bit greasy, but it is super hydrating and really lasts all day. I'm so sad that it is beginning to run out! I'll probably try to seek out a cheaper alternative once it is gone, but I'm certainly loving it while I still have some left!

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