Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nothing But Gas

Every now and then, usually toward the end of the day, I feel so amazingly bloated that it feels like my belly is about to explode. It isn't a great feeling and significantly increases my waddle. My belly gets really hard and standing up becomes pretty uncomfortable. I think I figured out the culprit: Greek yogurt.

It is well known that I am pretty severely lactose intolerant. One dairy product that has never bothered me (or most other lactose intolerant folks) is yogurt. Recently I've been on a Greek yogurt kick and, I have to say, it is the most amazingly creamy and yummy yogurt I've ever had in my life! I've been eating at least one bowl of it a day (usually with fresh fruit on top. Mmmmm!). But now I'm wondering if this Greek yogurt isn't the reason I've been feeling so bloated and gassy. These symptoms seemed to arrive with my first container of Greek yogurt.

While there doesn't seem to be a good explanation for why I can eat regular yogurt, but not Greek yogurt, I do believe it has been the source of my bloatiness. How sad. Looks like I'll have to send the rest of the Greek yogurt to work with Jason. The good news is that I'm looking forward to reaching the end of the day without the bloating and gassiness I've been living with for the past weeks. Maybe I'll feel good enough to start exercising again! ;)

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  1. Hey,
    Not sure if you've tried this, but goat's milk yogurt is very easy to digest if you have lactose intolerance.