Thursday, September 16, 2010

She's Still A Girl!

We had another appointment with the OB yesterday and everything is still going smoothly. We got to hear Baby Girl's heartbeat and they took a measurement of my belly bump. We also found out that I'm continuing a steady weight gain. No surprise there!

After our appointment we ran into the ultrasound technician. At our last appointment with her, she had invited us to stop in on our next visit to double check the baby's sex. We're happy to report that she's still a girl! It was a short ultrasound, but it was long enough for us to see here wiggling around in there. As you can see from the picture, she had her little hands up around her face. Her right hand was touching her eye and her left hand was near her mouth. She is still head down and her legs are tightly pulled up to her belly.

It is always so neat to see her in there. I feel her move almost constantly and am so curious as to what it is I'm feeling: is that a hand? Was that her leg? Chatting with my mom on the phone the other day, she asked if I could feel where her head and other body parts were situated inside me. I tried to feel around, but couldn't tell. Hopefully I will be able to soon!

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