Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Full Term!

Today my pregnancy is officially considered full term! While most pregnancies last until 40 weeks, a pregnancy is technically considered full term at 37 weeks.

As exciting as this may be, I don't feel that our little Charlotte is going to arrive any time soon. I haven't had any of the gross sounding symptoms (losing my mucus plug, the bloody show, etc.) and I'm pretty positive she has not "dropped" yet. On the contrary, she seems to be up higher than ever before! I can feel her under my ribs a lot more these days. Luckily, as active as she is, she hasn't kicked me in the ribs yet. I am very grateful for that as I've heard it can be pretty painful!

We have another OB appointment tomorrow morning and they will check me for dilation again then. I assume there won't be any progress there, but it would certainly be exciting if there were! My mom said that she was dilated to about 3cm within a week of giving birth to her children. I can assume that my body would be on a similar schedule once I get to that point as well. Chances are I'll be closer to 40 weeks, but a girl can hope!

What I'm looking forward to most about not being pregnant:
  • No more sciatic nerve issues (hopefully!)
  • Sleeping on my stomach again
  • Wearing my old clothes (even though I will apparently look six months pregnant for a while after the birth)
  • Not peeing quite so often
  • Not being hungry all the time (although that may not happen if I'm breastfeeding!)
  • Walking without a waddle
  • Exercising without feeling like an enormous cow
  • Being able to carry and lift heavy things
  • Being able to put my socks on with ease
  • Putting my real wedding ring back on (I've been wearing a silver band in a larger size to accommodate my swollen fingers.)
  • Last but certainly not least I'm looking forward to getting to have Charlotte in my arms instead of my belly!

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  1. Congratulations Bethie! I'm sorry to say it, but you might be waddling for a little while after giving birth too! :-) We're getting excited to hear your news!!!