Thursday, December 9, 2010


Jason and I feel so lucky to have friends and family come stay to help with Charlotte. My mom will be arriving December 31 and will stay until January 12. We are hoping that she will be here for Charlotte's birth. Based on our last OB visit it sounds like things are still on schedule, so hopefully Charlotte will wait for her Ammy to arrive before she does!

Once Ammy leaves we have about two weeks before my friend Kate arrives. Her visit coincides with Jason heading back to work (after a generous paternity leave!). It will be nice to have some help with that transition especially since Charlotte will still be so little! Kate is the mother of our goddaughter Perrin and will certainly be a big help with our little Charlotte!

I'll be on my own during the day for a few weeks until we all head out to the west coast for Charlotte's baptism and to visit family. We'll hit both Seattle and Stockton before coming back home. We're looking forward to seeing everyone and showing off the newest member of the family!

I'm thinking about starting up one of my church gigs in February (depending on how things are going) and plan to be back at both gigs in March. March will also bring a whole slew of rehearsals on concerts. Luckily, we may be getting more visitors to help in March! Jason's brother Jared and his wife, Tara are talking about a March visit. Having them here during that time would be enormously helpful! They are the parents of two beautiful little girls and I imagine they will be a wealth of information for these two newbie parents!

With all of these visitors, we really need to get a guest room ready. Our old guest room became Charlotte's room so we will be putting guests up on a blow up mattress in the office. Not too glamorous but it is cheaper than a hotel. ;) Getting rid of some big items and organizing what's left should make it work well enough. We can't wait for everyone to arrive (Charlotte included!).

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