Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pyogenic Granuloma

I have had the weirdest, nastiest red mole on my chest near my collar bone. It started as just a little dot and over the last few months has developed into something that looks like this:

I showed my OB at my last appointment and she said I should get it taken off. Luckily there is a dermatologist just upstairs from my OB who was able to fit me in this morning.

Apparently it is called pyogenic granuloma and it is common in pregnant women. They are generally found on the hands and arms and face, but apparently most pregnant women get them in their mouths. (Ewwww!) I'm grateful that wasn't the case with me!

The dermatologist was able to remove it during my brief visit. She numbed me with a shot and then sliced it off with a razor. She then cauterized the area to help stop the bleeding (these things tend to bleed a lot!). I will have a scar, but at least I won't have a nasty blood blister any more. The whole procedure was fast and relatively painless. I was able to get back home in time to drive Jason to the metro. It is a white winter wonderland here today!

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