Monday, December 13, 2010


So, I was leaving work after teaching voice lessons on Friday. I was passing through a stairwell on my way out and all of a sudden I couldn't take another step. I couldn't put any pressure at all on my left foot otherwise the sharpest most acute pain would shoot from near my tailbone down my leg. I had had problems with my sciatic nerve earlier in the pregnancy so I knew exactly what it was. This, however was different. It was so overwhelmingly painful that I literally could not take another step.

I called Jason from the stairwell and of course there wasn't anything he could do other than suggest I call someone at the cathedral to come get me. He also told me to take a cab home (a 30/45 minute drive!) if I needed to. I considered calling the music director but I knew he had already left work. I decided to try to get out of the stairwell and then I could get someone to help me. Amazingly, I somehow made it down the rest of the stairs and out of the stairwell. Once I was there, I was able to get two women to help carry me the rest of the way. One of them brought my car around and they made sure I could drive before I went anywhere. Sitting was no problem and moving my leg was not a problem while sitting so I was able to get myself home.

I had my next door neighbor's number handy in case I couldn't get from the car to the house, but then I remembered that he had recently had shoulder surgery and wouldn't be much help. Luckily, when I arrived home, the two men who had been installing our new kitchen floor (woo hoo!) were just leaving. They ended up carrying me into the house and putting me on the couch. I sat there for two hours until Jason was able to make it home.

Jason had to help me with absolutely everything the entire weekend and was such a hero! I couldn't do a thing without him. We eventually got into a good groove. I spent most of my time in a rolling office chair and he would roll me around the house. He would prepare and bring me all my food and would even bring me a bowl and glass of water when it was time to brush my teeth. He also got up with me multiple times during the night so I could use the restroom. What a good husby!

Today (Monday) was the first day that the pain let up. I was able to get around using crutches this morning and now am able to walk (however slowly) on my own. I'd say I am 80% better. What a relief! I have one more big concert this Sunday to get through before I can relax. I need to get through Christmas singing my church gigs, but those are much less stressful than full blown concerts. I am in the home stretch! This pregnancy has overall been pretty easy, but I am so anxious to get my body back to normal!

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