Monday, June 21, 2010

Be Band Review

I didn't buy the name brand Bella Band, but instead purchased a Be Band. The Be Band is made by Bella Band but is about half the price! Sold! I purchased one in white and one in black and have already gotten good use out of both colors. The white one is more versatile but the black one is great for when I perform as I often need to be in all black.

Overall, I love this idea and I love the product. The Be Band has allowed me to wear my own pants, shorts and skirts far longer than I would have been able to otherwise. I like to wear the Be Band folded over on itself as you can see in the above picture. The material is a bit thinner than the Bella Band, but when it is folded over, it is the perfect thickness to cover all the material I'm hiding underneath. I have tried wearing it up over my belly, but it is just too warm. (It has been in the 90's here lately! Far too warm to have an extra layer of polyester next to my skin!) I have not had a single problem with my pants falling down, but I have had a few people point out that my zipper is down. Oops! Overall, however, those instances have been quite few.

My biggest complaint is that, by the end of the day, it gets pretty uncomfortable to have that tight band around my belly. Honestly, it is uncomfortable to have just about anything around my belly by the end of the day, but the Be Band feels particularly binding. I still wear it during the day because I haven't stocked up on enough maternity pants yet, but I try to avoid it if I have a long day ahead. It is perfect for wearing out to dinner or out to a gig or event that isn't going to take all day.

Overall, I think this product is ingenious. I am so grateful to have the option to wear my favorite pants and skirts long after the zippers and buttons no longer function. The $30 I spent on my two Be Bands was money well spent. My Be Bands have helped me feel cute even when I feel absolutely huge! That is a feat in itself!

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