Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bump!

I intended on taking pics of myself with a bare belly every week to document the slow growth of the baby bump, but travels to California and Washington state put an end to that. Oh well. Instead, here is a picture of me (fully clothed) showing off my baby bump. Overall, it makes me very happy to have something to show for the pregnancy so early on. However, I am still a bit frightened about how big I'm actually going to get! I got pretty freaked out last night thinking about it. Jason and I were each lying on one end of the couch and realized that by the end of the summer I wouldn't be able to see his head over my belly if I were to sit like that. The funny thing is that it made me cry! I'm blaming the hormones. ;)

I'll end with a pic of the bump taken by my nephew Jacob. (Keep in mind this was also after dinner!)

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  1. Don't worry Sis, you will be and already are the most adorable little pregnant lady! You are eating right and getting exercise and are doing so great. :) I love your blog and get so excited when you post new updates and pics! Love you! :)