Friday, October 8, 2010

Maternity Coat

I've been in search of a maternity coat since I got pregnant. I knew it would be tough to find something nice and cheap and I was right! My due date is January 4 so I won't need the coat for more than a couple of months and really hate to spend a bunch of money on something I will only use for a brief period of time. At least maybe my sisters-in-law might be able to get some use out of it after me and perhaps I'll have another winter baby at some point.

I have been scouring Craigslist for something decent but I haven't found much. I did find a nice Gap down jacket someone was selling and drove 40 minutes round-trip to go try it on. Not only was it ill-fitting, it also had multiple stains that the seller "forgot" to tell me about. Fail.

I have decided to check out my options in the stores. A Pea in the Pod is too expensive and Gap and Old Navy don't seem to have anything decent. Both of the top contenders are from Motherhood Maternity and both are $89.

This first one looks nice and warm, but I worry it will look dumpy on. I also worry that it won't be dressy enough for nicer occasions (not that anyone other than me would care!).

The second option looks good and could be dressed up or dressed down. I like the way this one looks but I worry it won't be as warm and comfy as the down jacket.

I probably have another few weeks to decide. Unfortunately, Motherhood doesn't allow returns (only store credit) so I can't just order both and see which one works better. Last time I checked in the store they didn't have winter clothes in, but perhaps I should check again. The sun is out today, but we've had a couple of chilly days here over the last few weeks! I can only go coatless for another couple of weeks before I'll have to make a decision!

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