Friday, October 29, 2010

Maternity Clothes Review

Here is a review of my favorite maternity clothing stores:

Motherhood Maternity:

This was the first maternity store I explored and I happened to be there with my friend Kate. While there, we had the following conversation:

Bethie: Hmm. The clothes here look cheap. Is this like the discount maternity store?
Kate: Shh!! Keep your voice down! You're pregnant, you don't have tourettes!

Despite my initial impression, I actually ended up buying most of my maternity clothes there! There is a store conveniently located near my house which may be the main reason, but they also have really decently priced clothes. I don't care for a lot of what they have there, but they are good with the basics: t-shirts, tank tops, bras, nylons, etc. I also love that they have petite sizes which accomodate my short legs!

Most of all, I love the "secret belly panel" that they offer on most of their pants. It is SUPER comfy! The belly panel is thin and I believe made of nylon so it disappears under clothes which I also love.

I wore these pants constantly this summer:

The Gap and Old Navy:

Old Navy has some cute, really well-priced maternity clothes. I also love the maternity clothes from The Gap, but they are generally a lot pricier than Old Navy. The problem with both of these stores is that the merchandise is a pain to return as they don't take maternity returns in the stores. Not only do you have to ship the returns back to them, but you have to ship them back by a certain date or you get no refund at all! Bummer. Still, I can't resist checking out their websites when I am in need of a particular item. I just cross my fingers that it will fit!

How cute is this $26 maternity dress from Old Navy?!

Isabella Oliver:

My big maternity clothes splurge was a shirt from this store. I have to wear a lot of black when I perform. I inherited some cute black dresses from friends and relatives, but none of them really made me look all that great. I knew I would have a lot of gigs toward the end of my pregnancy and wanted something I could wear that wouldn't make me look and feel like a beached whale. Enter the Wrap Around Top (clever name, eh?):

It is fitted around the bust and then just has two long pieces of fabric that you wrap around your belly and tie on the side. It will accommodate a belly of any size. Not only does it fit me perfectly now, but it will fit me perfectly by the end of the pregnancy. I am also planning on wearing it post baby! Totally overpriced, but well worth the splurge in my case. (I only wish I could have purchased it in this gorgeous green instead of black!)


H&M is probably my favorite maternity store. Not only are their prices low, they offer maternity clothes that don't look like your typical maternity clothes (floral prints or polka dots with puffy sleeves). In fact, I just got the cutest pair of skinny jeans there and a pair of corduroy pants as well. I had to hem them myself but having a few decent looking pairs of pants is worth the effort!
One draw back is that you can't buy (or even see) their clothes online.

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