Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Nursery Progress!

The nursery is almost finished! Since the last nursery post, we've added more art to the walls, a new bookshelf and some more accessories.

We bought this bookshelf from Ikea last weekend. It is pretty empty now, but there is plenty of room for Charlotte to fill it with more books, toys and treasures!

I took down the noisy, metal closet doors and made some curtains from a few yards of fabric that I purchased from Ikea. I love how the leafy pattern fits in with the bird theme we seem to have going!

I adore this giraffe grow chart that we got from Jason's brother and his family. It was a bit of a pain to hang (it is all canvas and kept rolling in on itself when I hung it). Luckily it wasn't anything I couldn't fix up with tape, a wooden pencil and a few strategically placed nails. I also added the ribbon to the top which I think turned out nicely.

The last item we have left to purchase for the room is a rug. I've had a hard time finding something that is durable, affordable, soft and neutral but I finally have my eye on a few that might work:

This one is chenille:

This one is chenille and jute:

This one is jute, but is supposedly really soft:

They are all from Pottery Barn and are around the same price as rugs I found at Ikea and Overstock.com. I might have to make a trip to my local Pottery Barn and check them out in person. Aside from the crib, the rug will be the priciest item in her nursery, so I want to make sure we make a good choice!

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