Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Scare . . .

After a wonderful date night with Jason in San Francisco, we headed back to our hotel room and had a wrapped up the evening the best way we knew how (wink, wink). Our lovely night took a turn for the worst when I started bleeding. Scared and worried, we called the nurse practitioner that is available through our insurance. Based on the amount of blood, she recommended either calling my OB or heading straight to the emergency room. We decided to page my OB (at 2:00 am her time) and she said that there was no need to go to the ER. Furthermore, she said that sex can't cause a miscarriage. My womanly parts are apparently more tender and prone to bleeding while preggers. Chances are I broke a blood vessel or something. I wasn't having any cramping, so it didn't appear I was miscarrying, but it is still a cause for concern. The bleeding was slowing down by the time we talked and she said I should be fine to wait and see her for my scheduled appointment on Friday (tomorrow).

Jason and I were both really scared but were relieved when I woke up with my same old pregnancy symptoms (tender breasts, nausea, dizziness and extreme hunger!). I've never been so grateful to feel so crumby! I didn't end up having any cramping and the bleeding was gone entirely by morning.

Needless to say, we're still a little freaked out, but there isn't much more we can do than just put things in God's hands and hope for the best. I'm trying to relax and take things easy (although I really want to go mow the lawn!) and I'm making sure to get lots of rest. There isn't much more I can do at this point!

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