Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Blueberry

In the midst of a crazy schedule I'm trying to find time to relax. I nap every chance I get and am trying to simplify as much as I can. It is a little difficult, however, during finals week at school when I have two big concerts and a recording session all within the next week-and-a-half. I'm also throwing a friend of mine a baby shower next weekend with absolutely zero time to clean and prep for it. Blergh. Once school is out things will (hopefully) ease up quite a bit and I can get more relaxation time in.
Luckily there hasn't been much nausea so far, which I'm enormously grateful for. I still have fits of cramping every now and then but I'm learning what makes them better: heating pads and drinking lots of water. I had some cramping this morning and they went away almost immediately after I drank a big glass of water. Hey, whatever works!
According to an app I have for my iPhone, my baby is now the size of a blueberry. I can't believe I'm already six weeks along! I have my first meeting with my OBGYN on Tuesday, so I'm sure I'll have lots to update you all on then.

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