Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pre-maternity Clothes . . .

Even though I'm only seven weeks along, I already can't comfortably fit into my pants. After talking to both my mom and my sister, it seems that this is normal for women in my family. We show early and big! My mom said by the time she was six months, she looked nine months. Oh boy.

I've been wearing lots of dresses and even sported a rubber band through the button hole of my jeans yesterday when it was too cold for a dress. I ended up ordering some pre-maternity pants yesterday that will hopefully last me a few months.

I'm hoping I'll be able to dress these Old Navy pants up with some flats and a cute top:

I ordered these Gap pants in a size larger than I normally wear. They're cute, on sale, an will hopefully be something I can still wear after the baby.

I already have this Old Navy skirt in the color below and it is SUPER comfy! I ordered another one in black so I can wear it for my church gigs on Sundays.

The next step will probably be to buy a Bella Band. This ingenious invention allows you to wear your regular pants unbuttoned and unzipped. They get great reviews and are under $20. I'll probably end up with one in white and one in black but will hopefully be able to put this purchase off another few weeks!

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