Tuesday, May 4, 2010


-a dizziness that feels like I've just gotten off of a carnival ride
-slight nausea
-lower back/butt soreness
-light lower belly cramping
-sore boobies!
-big time bloating

From what I read, most women don't have so many symptoms so early on in pregnancy, so I'm just lucky I guess! My biggest surprise is that I haven't been hit by vomiting and severe nausea. The nausea I do have is pretty mild at this point and hasn't even affected my appetite.

My other big surprise is that my fat pants are already tight. What the heck?! I haven't gained any weight (I've still managed to keep up the four pounds I lost a few months ago) but I just feel huge in my belly. At this point there is no way it could be a baby belly because the little guy is only half a centimeter long! I've worn dresses and stretch pants for the last few days and will probably keep it up as long as I feel so enormous. Luckily the weather is lovely here in DC, I'll fit in nicely with lots of loose, flowy dresses!

PS: We will get started with some belly pics this weekend. I'm going to try to keep a week by week log of the belly!

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