Thursday, May 6, 2010

Crazy, I know . . .

So, I know y'all won't believe me, but I swear I'm showing! I've been bloated for the last couple of weeks and, despite having dropped a few pounds, I haven't been comfortable in my normal pants. In fact, even my "fat pants" were feeling snug. I've been checking my belly profile in the mirror and have been hoping to see some change but so far, nothing.

Then this morning I checked and saw that my normal fat bulge was poufing out ever so slightly. It looked different in that it is poufing out really low on my belly. I immediately ran into the bathroom where Jason showering and threw open the shower curtain to show him. He noticed it too, but doesn't seem entirely convinced. Oh well. Regardless of what is causing my poufing belly, it is still pretty exciting to think about how much my body will change over the next eight months. I'm sure gaining weight will lose its charm here pretty quickly, but for now I'm certainly enjoying the thought of it!

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